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Toy Buns by Stalker5999
Toy Buns
Mentioned with the Hare Hostess, when one is foolish enough to be charmed to the point of them tying their bows about their neck, they find themselves trapped to be trained and turn to one of her "Toy Buns" or 'club staff' as sorts. Here we have two would be adventurers just a bit after capture but prior fully being "trained and broken in" by their Hare hostess. By default many prefer all their workers to be "cute and alluring" despite gender, hence the man to the right being heavily feminized to this point. In time the binds will disappear gradually as the pair give up and willingly obey their Hostess.

Dungeon of corruption, Dreadnaught Desert (c) :iconmetalzaki:
Florlaia forest universe, Toy Buns (c) Myself
Captivating Hostess Hare by Stalker5999
Captivating Hostess Hare
There are not many "Failure" experiments from the Corrupt Queen's beginnings still roaming the halls of the Dungeon of Corruption, but the Hare Hostess is one of the rare few.

Originally one of the favored "normal" pets at first of the Queen, when her dark nature became more openly known she had of her dark wizard work his magic to turn her adorable little creatures into deceptive lures to captivate and enthrall all to her rule and enslavement. Thus, the Hostess Hare was born, or the least, conceived.

The earlier experiments shown little to her preferences or even ability to control, at first the Queen was ready to be done with them, but after one managed to capture a few of the Queens own solders, she rather still shown her liking to the creatures and allowed them freedom of the castle, now dungeon, as one of the few "somewhat' free races.

The Hares share an instinct to enthrall and charm anyone nearby to their own whims, having powerful hypnotic and enchantments to their bodies, voices and eyes they can easily bewitch, but prefer a bit of "chase' beforehand. Once they manage to captivate and trick a person to a weaken state to ensnare them, an almost ritualistic act of tying a bow and ribbon about said subjects neck, their powers start to drain away as they tease and torment their captive to becoming one of their "Toy Buns".

Of the dungeon's inhabitants the unfortunate to be made "Toy Buns" hardly have the worst done to them, all of the Hares prefer to make little "Dens" or more accurate, "Clubs" in various parts of the dungeons many openings and hidden passages, by means of magic no one is sure, but one can likely find one of these den's and find ways to relax via food and drink topped by being served by a toy bun or hostess in turn. Though one should be wary as the Hare hostess prefers to serve mostly when they want to capture a new toy. All the while enjoying the "Acts" by the buns and their mistresses.

Should the need for physical act need to take place, the Hares are naturally fast and acrobatic do to their rabbit nature, but their more alarming ability is their hair itself, which is durable enough to stop neigh all blades and is strong and prehensile. An average Hostess Hare is not much more then the stature of a short person, at best four feet and inches to spare have been seen, but their hair has been seen to hold powerful built men thrice their size and heavily armored and geared with little distress to either hair or its mistress in turn.

The hare's at times barter or work with the other dungeon creatures, noticeably if they loose favor or do not like a captive toy in turn they bard it away to other denizens for supplies or other "future toys". Though, when a Hare does enjoy of her catch, she is rarely cruel or 'evil' outright.

In one rare case, perhaps by fluke of magic or genes, it was noticed and recorded that one Hare ventured out of the dungeon seeking thrills and adventure. Her fate currently is a mystery of the sands..

Dark Queen, dungeon of corruption and dreadnaught desert (c) :iconmetalzaki:
Hare Hostess and Floralia unvierse (c) myself
Chillhangleav tree by Stalker5999
Chillhangleav tree
The Chillhangleav tree, one of the only kind in Floralia, is also the nesting home for Giggles, some call it more simply "Giggles nest". Only springing up right after the birds hatching it is becoming one of the growing mysteries behind floralia of late. The tree constantly grows an air of chill and snow from its leaves, making it perfect for Giggles own natural warmth keeping down, and growing a delicious chilled and fresh fruit with its own cold attributes in kind.
Pillubus by Stalker5999
My next little Silkie Helpers.

A play on the words Pillow and Succubus slash Incubus, the Pillubus are specially made pillow Silkie Helpers. Despite possible dangers of the average Cubi race, these are just overly adoring fans of snuggling and cuddling in bed and with groups. I am not sure if I subconsciously made it so but they always prefer to be a pair, a "Male" and "Female" who mind neither gender or preferences, just the warmth and snugly nature of another being to share a bed with. They are great at rubbing away tension of the day and lulling someone to the sweetest of dreams. Furthermore they can hide themselves as average pillows when they go off, I have sent a few already, to spread the word of sweet snugly and affectionate nature of silkies to the world and ensure everyone has a restful and blissful sleep they can encourage ^>^

Silkie Race (c) :iconstockings300:
Seam Cherub by Stalker5999
Seam Cherub
Hehe one of my little pet projects, or so to speak anyway. Ahem a part of line of "Silkie helpers" as I like to call them for my Silkie king and his kingdom. For those new to the silkie race, as I myself discovered, learning how to manage with your new silk part based body makes things a bit, odd at first. So these little helpers are to fix that trouble for those new to us.

Here is the Seam Cherub, these little dears fly about, cheerfully helping with odd tasks or mending rips and tears in other Silkies, even if that does not really hurt to much its still a bother. But more prominently, given each 'part' of a silkie can be self aware at times sometimes a new Silkie person needs a bit of a hand keeping our parts in check, and with these magic needle and thread bows can help patch our parts together as we require or prefer. At least until a silkie in question can manage on their own ^>^

Silkie Race (c) :iconstockings300:
Well, for the past few months I have been, shall we say, overly occupied. Hence my absence of such lengths and my lack of commentary about. Hopefully I shall find myself more free time of late

Also in light, the little contest of mine shall be, null in void for all intents as only one person tried to join of it really ^>^" bugger

Hm surmise that tis all for now then, many crafts to finish of then..
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I am generally concidered "a gentalmen" though I do have a naughty side to myself. I like to remain in good spirits and try to perk others up. I am generally a gift giver and such. I hope we can get along well if you wish to speak ^>^ feel free of such

Favourite genre of music: classical
Personal Quote: Tis ill mannered

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