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Paddys Halloween by Stalker5999
Paddys Halloween
Belated a tid, but oh well. Hehe, tis Paddy, and Paddy upon their hallows eve costume hehe. I was not sure what to make of the sweet girl till I discovered another game, by the title of Contrast. A bit of puzzles and platforming with a classical noir appeal to it. Hehe, anyway Paddy had trouble picking of the main characters to play as, so, she split in two to be both lol. Here we have 'Regular" Paddy as "Dawn" the character the player most prominently controls. A women who exists within a realm both connected to and separate from the world around her, becoming shadows and interacting with them in turn. Next to her, "Sprout" Paddy has become Didi, the girl who can see and speak with Dawn and whom's life is rather, excited to say the least as to why there is a women who can go between realms exists and why they are friends for such ages. But that is for the game to tell for those interested.

Um, Paddy, and um Paddy, it tis "Trick 'or' Treat' deary

Paddys: Sorry, Trick Or Treat!
Hallows Eve Spells
Do not worry, it takes little, well. Perhaps just a small, sacrifice hehehe..

^>^ hehe sorry, getting to the spirit of things late. Unfortunately was so busy it took ages to get to this but ahem. Here I am in my hallows eve costume, as a sorcerer from the game "Soul Sacrifice". I looked to it upon hearing of it, it did seem interesting to say the least. A bit, sad though. But, the designs within it warranted a fright at times, and I thought it would be a fitting costume hehe.

Soul Sacrifice series (c) their creators
Myself (c) myself
Latexian Bio
Origins: The Latexian Race were gifted to me by :iconchaotictempleknight:, the original concept belongs to him whilst I now am apparently their owner and rather "final designer" lol

Latexians: A humanoid advanced Sapiens race from another deep space, their original name is a bit lost in history but they have taken the name from their planets natural occurring Latex pools for their attachment to it. It is rather unclear how the Latexians came to be in the beginning as there are multiple explanations in their society. But regardless, a key part of their timeline was the dark period. The dark period was time where the Latexians warred with each other. The wars were mostly about different ideals and money. These wars ravaged the planet and left the Latexians scarred. At the end of the dark period, an unknown man came to planet and stopped all wars. How he did this was lost to history, but it is often described as a “Blinding light of change.” After everything was settled, the Latexians abandoned their old race name and began looking for a new one. As they explored their planet of to which they could do now, they discovered Latexian latex. Again, how the name “Latex” was coined is lost to history for the Latexians. But anyways; The Latexians discovered the latex had a lot of potential and decided to name their society after the substance. Experimenting with the latex lead the Latexians to discover all sorts of technologies; thus beginning their age of discovery. Upon the space fairing age, the Latexian's began to search for other worlds with budding or developed civilizations, a bit in respect to the man who saved their war torn world and to possibly find the unknown man in turn. Either matter they made of it a habit to visit other worlds none the less, but also perhaps to their old war influenced days they find game in capturing of people from planets for amusement, or rather "abduct" them for "experiments" to understand the differences between them, never harming but deeply examining them. This fact coupled with their playful hunting instincts from their earlier years, it became almost common place for exploring Latexian's to abduct people for no real cause and bring them to their home world.

Over the course, they began to recognize the possible misunderstanding of this, and began to make rules to regulate this activity not willing to outlaw the act in total do to the enjoyment that was felt in 'owning' these new races. It was regulated to acknowledge as under developed other races maybe, they are still as sentient as other Latexian's, and while 'caught' they would be considered property until given the chance to ask for their freedom. It was also a natural taboo to cause great harm to captives, outside matters of possible consent, permanent harm would be severely punished to the individual. Furthermore it would  be regulated how a 'captive' is passed around, making a number of "pet sales" by the newly created Latexian Abductor's Guild, a hunting carer to capture other worlder's for these activities.
Should any of the 'Captive Laws' be broken, the punishments varied, from losing ones license to purchases or own 'captured property' to many years of retribution via imprisonment. For the most, it is rare for one to break the laws to a high degree.

Given the diversity behind it of late with their control science, Latexian Latex is still a prime tool and working matter for virtually all of their functions in life, transport, protection, medical, even forms of communication have been developed with the Latexian Latex Technology, as well of course as clothing. At most, perhaps only a small fraction of the Race seems to ever wear anything else outside of Latexian Latex but there are matters where it has become either preference or "kink" for the enjoyment of 'alien' fabric.

Biology: Latexian's are somehow identical to the human race with nearly few noticeable differences the most prominent being the inversion of colors to their eyes, their irises being white whilst the Sclera are black. Outside of those two features they seem to appear average humanoid with slightly or highly pointed ears. Internally, their bodies core temperature is at a lower pace, this maybe related to their use of latex as everyday clothing may have helped their bodies temperature adapt to constant envelopment of the layers, giving them a 'cooler' feeling when touched. Originally being primary carnivore race their own natural ability to digest rough greens is lacking but they can eat them. To compensate they have seem to acquire a taste for sweet based fruits in turn. Their Lifespan is roughly equal to that of humans, but given their advanced science and the astounding diversity of their Latex they can prolong it to match the most known long lived human to match at least one hundred years without outside interference or accident.

Society:  Latexians social structure has grown on its peaceful and playful nature since the dark years, becoming nearly that of an ideal Utopia. Matters of finding work, sustenance or places to live are hardly a worry, given the ease of access to Travers the cosmos to one helping point. In terms of social structure, Latexians prefer a democracy, voted individuals who are given the task of making choice, with the people informed of the matters to ensure peaceful resolutions. The hierarchy has come to be known as the 'Gloss Government' as it twere, perhaps coined by jest in reference to the 'uniforms' rather polished appearance, six primary 'heads' of the group, or presidents as it stands, each one having four governors under their command to help keep Latexian happenings observed and informed for their meetings and processing.

In terms of Payment and currency, Latexian's work upon a 'credit system', basic necessities such as food, board and drink are usually a provision by their work forces, so they can be set upon matters of living. Though matters of food or place to stay are not a high priority so they are considerably cheep to afford. Given that most things are made of their native latex it is usually the most purchased matter next to captives. Within a single weeks worth of work a Latexian can earn well enough to purchases perhaps four gallons of undersigned Latexian Latex to program as they may need, but given the purples crafts its not usually needed for big projects, in some cases they even have enough left over for the matter to buy a captive or do other matters of entertainment.

Latexian's diversity of fashion from their controllable and malleable latex, all sorts of designs and functions have been made through Latexian's every day wears and most careers and employers are not pushy on what their workforce wear or rather how they wear it. But, to help 'identify' in some cases, such as enforcers, medical practice and pilots are common ground designed outfits with allowances to alter selected portions of their uniforms. In most matters though, color coding is used as a means to identify a person's job. Its mostly common for Latexian's to simply have a 'band' on their person around their limbs or chests with their jobs color code or variant of it.

Red hue: These are worker's whom work on matters that involve care giving or health. Ranging from the obvious matter of doctors or nurses, therapists or psychologist to aides

Orange hue: These are the workers of the 'heavy' construction, master builders using solid and dense materiel with latexian latex. Buildings, deep space devices, heavy maintenance machines and the likes.

Yellow hue: Yellow colors are common for those without a set job, but rather more free roaming spirits who learn tasks or have practiced them to take on one small job for a time or another. Many young Latexian's enjoy this brand to find their place in life or at the least traverse to Latexian open worlds to see what there is to learn and grow from in turn.

Green hue: These are the most commonly known as 'adventurer' jobs. This color is used for those whose jobs involve being off world at the most, from pilots, explorers, other world scientists and most commonly Abductors who go off planet to capture other races.
Blue hue: Are worker's who are tasked by matters of information, ranging from entertainment information distribution or as humans call it 'television' or 'radio', teachers and instructors.

Pink Hue: This color class is considered by some of the other races as the 'exotic' series of jobs. But for Latexian's the concept is a bit different then one would think upon explanation, Pink is used by those who work in terms of what they term 'comfort, entertainment and pleasure'. In terms of human structure its common for this class to be exotic dancers, escorts and people of brothels. However! This is not to say these are prostitutes or the likes, given the acceptance of 'kink' and the likes in general these jobs are hardly needed for just sex, though in some cases it can be bartered its actually at a rarity. Dancers keep true to their known human counterpart, either taking on jobs of dancers upon a party for ambiance, or 'strippers'. Escorts commonly are similar, hired to be a 'date' to a grand celebration or for 'eye candy' for certain maters, its actually not uncommon for a more playful latexian to hire an escort to dress as an 'alluring minion' when teasing their captive with thoughts of being an 'evil alien'. As for the matters of brothels, whilst again, it can be bartered its actually not common, for the most, a brothel worker is used for calm and comfort, a stressful day to a Latexian can be eased and soothed away by a warm cuddle of the worker, random talk or just a calm voice to listen to as they are lulled to a well earned rest. In such regards, many debate if a 'brothel' worker should in fact be a red brand job or not given the mostly beneficial matter to ones mental and physical health.

Purple hue: This is rather the more particular brand of colors for those who learn the craft of controlling Latexian Latex, from fashion design, helping to manage latexian items or creating works of art to name a few. Whilst most can control latex, these Latexian's make of it a particular master hood or art of the act itself with great pride

Black and White hue: These hues are use for authority officials such as enforcers or the likes.

Given the years of use of such a versatile but universally, 'kinky' material, Latexian's have long since lost the accepted 'idealize' of gender roles or functions there of. Fashion can be done by any gender and how they prefer and similar matters such as growing up, sexual identity, 'role play', and such meaning the role they take of with tasks or in play for cases of children have long since forgotten or rather even cared for by the alien race. If a male wishes to wear 'feminine clothing' such as skirts, dresses or the likes, its perfectly acceptable, likewise if a female wished to done 'masculine' wear it is just fine no matter age or the likes, having no reflection on their abilities, person or habits there of. Do to this though, some have had 'fun' teasing races captured by reversing their gender roles preferred clothing, turning the Latexian Latex into skirts, bikinis or other such things just for the entertainment of the captives expression. Usually it is not done in a form of cruelty or to be mean outright, some do it simply to help the subject 'grow more accepting', a phrase a young Latexian has coined has become a popular comment these days of the matter, "You are still you, I like you still. Why be scared or embarrassed by 'what' you wear when it doesn't change you?"

When "owning" captured property, some common 'experiments' as they call of the matter for most Latexians fall as such.

'Testing' how warm a being is, by this they generally prefer to snuggle
'Testing' sensitivity,for the most this is just testing how well a being captured responds to playful or pleasing stimulation such as tickling or playful kissing. It along with 'testing warmth' is rather some of the more popular testing methods since young Latexian childhood.
'Testing' how a being would look, (cute, sexy, silly and so forth) in modified outfits out of Latexian Latex
'Pet Testing' which varies through Latexian age, but in most it is having of captive property and possibly in some cases the latexian themselves take the role of animals or pets. The more common being canine or feline playing or predator and prey scenes. The younger Latexian's enjoy it as a type of sports game whilst the elder prefer it for more exotic entertainment.
'Intensified Training', depending on the subject and Latexian, they use the capturing sack and re-porpoise the entrancing stimulation of the latex to do additional trance and conditioning to the subject. Given the matter of the Latexian ad or the captive the conditioning can range to any number of stimulating matters

Latexian Latex; what is it?

Latexian Latex is an inorganic, flexible material found on the Latexian home planet: Latexia. On the surface, Latexian Latex looks like earth latex. It has the same shine, color, and texture. But this is where the similarities as Latexian Latex is sensitive to electricity. Its sensitivity is similar to that of a computer chip. The latex can receive and send electric signals. Raw Latexian latex can only conduct electricity. The latex has to be refined in order to properly accept and send signals. Refined latex can be programmed and controlled by a computer. The program in a sheet of Latexian Latex is akin to basic earth appliances (like toasters or electric fans). But obviously the program is more advanced than standard earth appliances as it can be turned into all shapes and sizes.

Latexian Latex can be found in 3 forms. It can be found in a solid form, a liquid form, and a semi solid form. Solid Latex can be found literally anywhere in Latexia’s ground. It’s easy to mine and only needs a shovel that can generate enough heat to soften the solid Latex. Liquid Latex can be found in pounds and lakes. It will usually sit in an area of the body of water. Liquid latex can’t mix with water, so it is easy to spot. Usually these deposits are left alone so Latexians can swim in it. Swimming in them is often cited as a unique experience by Latexians. Most describe it as like swimming a milkshake. Semi solid latex is like a non-Newtonian liquid. Standing on it will cause you to sink slowly. Semi solid latex is very sticky, so it’s not recommended to walk on it. Some like to sink in it for leisure, but a partner is required to pull one out. This variant is often found is luminescent caves and left alone.


Name: Ecira'Li
Age: 23
Sex: Female
Job: Abductor in training
Biography: A young Latexian women working upon her license as an Abductor. Ecira always knew she wanted to be a green brand class, but didn't know till her mid teens that abducting was the craft for her. As a birthday present, her parents gathered a playmate captive for her, and she simply loved every second of having someone to cuddle despite being so helpless. Their was a slight miscommunication where the young captive was thought experienced by the parents, so when Ecira first let him speak her parents were worried learning he was outright terrified that he was in danger. But true to her nature, Ecira quickly soothed his worries and the two had fun of the day right till they both passed out in exhaustion. The young latexian was a bit heartbroken when her parents returned him home and more so learning that his information was lost for further captivity. Since then though she knew she would love nothing more then to go to other worlds to make friends with abuctives, and that set her down the path since then. Now nearing the last few terms of her training, Ecira spends her days studying and working to earn her job. But more so to earn enough merit points to recapture her favorite and first captive a young earth women named Barbra, who stresses herself out with her own studies to be a doctor. Nothing makes Ecira feel more at ease then to hear the coos and ooh's of a captive relaxing into their captivity. Despite her own dominate nature she rather seems more 'bottom topped' as she tends to spend more time tending to her captives needs then seeing to her own.
Likes: New planets, fresh air, good grades, happy captives, Barbra
Dislikes: Polluted air, polluted water, law breakers, hurt captives, failing grades
Kinks: Cuddling, footrubbing, inflation, body sitting, restraints, femdom, stress relief and deep trances.

Name: Daimi'Lun
Age: 22
Sex: Male
Job: Fashion designer in training
Biography: Ecira's younger cousin, a fashion designer since the day eh was born. Diami was making accessories and trinkets for his family since the moment he could use a control device, he particularly loved to make 'royal' accessories for his mother. The reason behind such being she had a highly domineering and 'royal nature' when playing with captives which he had seen for many years, having them act as if she was a ruler to serve her which to him was of little matter. However as he began to reach his teen years, as he returned from studies for school, he came about in time to see his mother taken by enforcers, during his time at school through the week, she had taken a Captive through rather illegitimate means and had caused great harm to them. She was arrested and has been serving her time through a rehabilitation clinic ward, having been diagnosed with a rare condition humans would relate to 'psychosis' making her predator instincts unstable and herself a bit dangerous to other worlder's without treatment. She herself has been growing better since the day, but Daimi has held a grudge against captives since then. Every chance he has, he loves nothing more then to humiliate and dominate a subject, males in particular as it was a male captive his mother was arrested over, forcing them into demeaning tasks and fashions and even intimidating them with unwanted 'advances' in some case. But Daimi has kept himself in check from crossing any law, at least the moment. His cousin comes to him quite frequently for fashion help given his years of practice, and usually he does not argue, unless he finds it is for a captive then he tends to ask for a bit of 'play time' in payment. For the most part he watches himself with his cousins best friend and first captive Barbra, given the frequency of her time with Ecira, but new captives are rarely that lucky and find themselves most humiliated and uncomfortable in his care.
Likes: His mother, his cousin, planet Latexian, particularly tight latex and latexian latex
Dislikes: Captives, off world, abductors and authorities
Kinks: Humiliation, maledom, mental torture, forced crossdressing, heavy restraint and struggling captives
Bubble Gremlin
hehe, and rather another new bubble race for the Sylvan Queendom world, the bubble gremlins

Bubble Gremlins are one of the more mischievous bubble creatures in the land. Classified as monsters they rather wear the term as a badge of honor, the more trouble or problems one causes for other races or even rival tribes the more satisfied they are with themselves. They are a bit of a pack set but sometimes they will roam as a lone wolf. Even young, bubble gremlins have a vast amount of knowledge when it comes to brewing and potions, and they use it in their mischief without fail, creating a vast array of potions to cause trouble and effects all about the Queendoms.

At birth, Bubble Gremlins all are born with a natural platinum blond color in their hair, but one of the first tactics they learn from their brew is means to dye of it other colors, enjoying a 'punk nature' to their hair colors in turn. It is accepted as a mark of ones rank within a pack that the alpha's all have hair of tall designs, a favorite being a spiked Mohawk but there have been others.

Unlike some races such as bubbletail's, Gremlins have an acceptational and even accelerated reproductive rate, a single pack could easily multiply to dozens before one could realize it even without "fresh material", but from their devious nature they adore nothing more then capturing other bubble beings and humans as 'pets' to add to their rank as a "monster" in society. Using their brew, Gremlins are notorious for their dangerous 'swipe soap', a special potion they spread within others bubbles, causing it to change and swallow its owner and be impossible for them or whoever that may also be caught within to break, as the unfortunate girl in this ones example shows. It is how they go about capturing the other bubble brewing races to either drag back to their hidden dens and make their mates or rather their 'pets' or just to torment and prove their brews superiority in the pack. Their brew also come in more then just bubble aliments, but variety of effects, from poisons to numb the mind and body to effecting the elements around a spot it all depends, all packs even rivals though all have the same selection of 'first' brews, the soap brew, coloring brew and one other.

During the rule of Gol, Gremlins whilst not allying themselves to her greatly enjoyed her style and had even been reported as 'accidentally leaving some brew' for the queens use. Of late though they do not seem happy with the different bubble makers banding together, making it a bigger challenge for their mischief and means to gather their pets.

Of the mentioned three brews, one of the last brews all packs know, is the "me me mix", this potion is meant to be "shared" between subject and maker, however of late it is almost never used except by the most confidant or brash of Gremlins. The Me Me Mix was intended as a potion of enthrallment, when A gremlin 'shared' it, via a kiss with another person, it was intended to cause the subject to simply fall completely and obediently in love with the gremlin in turn, ensuring both a pet and breeder subject. At times a subject had a 'spirited' obedience to seem almost struggling but it worked rather well, for a time. Till it was found that those with strong wills would cause the potion to reverse, causing the Gremlin to be enthralled like a helpless love slave to the person instead. Since then, it is not widely used, in a few rare cases though for the "odd Gremlin" of packs, will make the Mix and share it with a women they have honestly fallen in love for as a "wedding ceremony', willingly allowing the brew to enslave them to the women from then on as a proof of their love, wither shared or not.

Of the "odd" gremlins, the packs call them "Nomads" banishing them, its rare, but a gremlin may in turn not wish to be cruel like her sisteren, instead wanting to be a kind soul or at the least not an outright "monster" as others. But do to the natural history of their kind it makes these rare nomads difficult to find companions with others

Sylvan Queendom and inspiration to the Bubble Gremlins (c) :icongoldlinaric:
Art and work of this well (c) myself hehe
Bug Vs Queen
hehe a bit of a gift fir sir Gold as things have not been well of late, if I had known the fact prior to my creation of the bubblebug's race for him, this would have likely been finished a bit sooner. Ahem

But regardless, my bubblebug girl, Mona, happened a strange sight, a rather noble looking elfin women wandering about without escort or care it seemed and sensing a fair bit of strength she could not help herself, and had to see how well she fared against this beauty 'bubble to bubble'. It looks as if she has an upper hand thus far, most of her opponent is now encased and with a few more well placed bubble blows she will be her trophy, and she is doing all she can to ensure she has the leg up from jumping strikes, a bit needed given her size and a surprise 'preview' of her trophies lips much to the elfin women's surprise..

Or, so it seems hehe. Queen Gold is rather enjoying letting the bug have her way for the time being, the bouncing blows are a bit fast but the Queen's power could easily bubble and blow her away. The eager kiss was a bonus to the queens game, perhaps she will turn it around, or let Mona have her fun and surprise her a bit later? Of course, she has to be wary, bubblebugs are a bit boastful, if word got out she was so easily preyed upon by a bug it might not do well for her image. But then again, time will tell

Hehe I hope this lightens of your spirits sir Gold, and all the wishes of better days to you as well ^>^

Queen Gold and Sylvan Queendoms (c) :icongoldlinaric:
Mona the Bubblebug (c) myself
I know I have been away for a bit, and I am sorry for the vast amount of things I am missing from my messages and such and the gifts I am now well past do to give but I am working upon it. It is nothing horrible, but of late at the office things have been a bit more busy that its drained me so much to have my attention at the galleries, but tis alright really ^>^  hopefully I can return to a more maintained schedule, um I still have things to skim through my messages but I will get to things eventually!

But now the truely bad news, I have been tagged, twice O>O"


1. You must post these rules.
2. Answer the ten questions the person who tagged you made, and then make up your own 10 questions for the people you tag to answer.
3. Choose ten people and put their icons or hyperlinks on this journal.
4. Please don't write something stupid like 'you are tagged if you read this.'
5. You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
6. No tag-backs

My taggers, being :iconchaotictempleknight: and :icongojiro7:, humph now I am not so against my bullying of him for his birthday gift.. well then
From :iconchaotictempleknight:

1) If you like Digimon, who is your favorite Digimon?  Gryphonmon, he has always been a favorite of mine he looks rather regal of the flying types from what I recall
2) How many social media website accounts do you have? (only an amount is necessary) um, including of art websites, I would say four?
3) Who is your favorite YouTuber? Hum I do not have of particular favorites to be truthful
4) What is your favorite movie? Amazing Stories
5) What is your Favorite Anime? I am rather partial to a new series by name of Dog Days ^>^
6) If you could have a tea party with any character from any form of media (Anime, cartoons, books, video games, etc.), who would it be? Oh, bugger that tis a rather big choice o>o' um, Lady Leonmichelli Galette Des Rois ^>^ she tis such an enthralling lady it would be hard not to try and ask for some time with her hehe
7) If you could have any Anime power, what would it be? Flight, without a second thought
8) What genre of video games do you prefer? I like of role playing and puzzle games
9) What is your favorite novel? Any of Holmes stories
10) Do you like to Role Play? Yes ^>^ thought not mere 'hi' and 'I catch this' sort I prefer depth to the play

From :icongojiro7:
1) what was your favorite thing you ever dressed up as for Halloween? I would say, Robbie the robot ^>^ twas a bugger of a costume my parents and I worked upon together to move in, but it was so fun to have of something that we worked together of hehe
2) what video game creature (bad or good) would you want as a pet/friend/slave? Um, hum tricky factor. Um, perhaps a chocobo, a fellow grounded bird to rush into the sunset with ^>^ or snuggle depending their sort..
3) whats your favorite time of the year? I like the time of the fall, something of the crisp leaves and air just feels so comforting to me
4) what kind of super power would you want to have? once again, flight
5) what would you do If you could do anything in public, legal or not (that didn't harm or wrong anyone) without people judging?  Public speaking of the matters from behalf of the fetish community, so many folks of the "Vanilla" community rather think of our likes to strange and misunderstand them too much to at least have a point made out on our stand
6) who's your favorite fictional character that others may not like as much as you do? I would think Darkwing Ducks Splatter Phoenix, she was just so enthralling to me despite appearing only twice ^>^'
7) whats a personal flaw of yours that you acknowledge but don't think you need to change? Trying to not leave upon comments that make folks think I mean something by ill will or saying in cruelty
8) if there was one thing you would change about yourself, what would it be?  My birth defect, left at that thank you
9) whats your most prized possession?  Hum, my chess set I would surmise, twas a Christmas gift ages ago now
10) what song would you consider is a fitting "theme song" to your life? If I recall the name correctly "I wanna fly"

Now for my questions then:

1) If you could have of one wish granted for twenty four hours only, what would it be?

2) You are given the chance of immortality but must leave those you love for the last three years of their lives, would you take it?

3) Of you or any of your characters kinks, which would you think is perhaps the one that stands out the least?

4) If you or your characters are given the chance to be reborn in another world but retain their past lives memories what sort of world would they adapt to the best, a fantasy, science fiction, future, "punk" world such as steam or the likes?

5) Are you multi lingual or if not, what language would you like to learn?

6) Of any media you enjoy such as story, movie, game or so on. What series do you enjoy that you feel does not have as much attention as it may deserve?

7) An Alien race wishes to enslave humanity, of any possible races by little or widely known artists and mediam which would you prefer being the invaders?

8) For naughty or sexual fun, what is your preferred scene, bondage, petplay, costume or the likes?

9) If you could live in a realm of games, what game would you prefer to live within?

10) What do you think is the meaning of life?

now then, I tag then

:iconmetalzaki: :iconravendrakil: :iconscuffndings: :iconhomunculuslover: :iconlittleraccoondemon: :iconryokodarkwing: :iconticklewizard: :iconkrioss: :iconlordomegaz: :iconkoleyl:
  • Mood: Love


United States
I am generally concidered "a gentalmen" though I do have a naughty side to myself. I like to remain in good spirits and try to perk others up. I am generally a gift giver and such. I hope we can get along well if you wish to speak ^>^ feel free of such

Favourite genre of music: classical
Personal Quote: Tis ill mannered

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