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Bubblebug for GoldLinaric by Stalker5999
Bubblebug for GoldLinaric
Hehe, he enjoyed of the idea of them so much sir Gold wanted a BubbleBug of his own, so it seemed only fair to craft him the design of one for his use ^>^ Also as it mostly helped show the fact he wanted to see her in a bubble shell state as well. Careful ladies shes a trickster of a brawler hehe.

Bubble Kin Races and Concept and "This" BubbleBug (c) :icongoldlinaric:
BubbleBugs (c) Myself
Bubblebug by Stalker5999
Once more influence from sir Gold's bubbley races, I rather felt mused to make of one myself for his realm heheh.

BubbleBugs: Native to the same realm of the bubbletail bunnies and neko's, BubbleBug are semi human race of insect women of varying hair skin and eye colors. The primary physical features that help them stand apart are their antenna and Bubble Chitin shell like armor along their backs, thighs, shoulders, ankles and hands. The Bubblebug's seem to be bubble humanoids based upon Pillbugs, their bubble armor is rather durable in comparison to other  bubbles, but only when not inflated to their full peak which given its higher grade means a rather large bubble, but they prefer to keep things a bit 'small' unless needed. Despite being small insect type breeds, they are rather energetic and combative, its rare for a BubbleBug to 'not' know some fort of close ranged to hand to hand combat art of sort. Even with this though they do not use it to harm people, thanks to their shell armor placement they effectively 'bop' people with every blow and they seem to prefer rather close grappling maneuvers that sometimes leaves one to wonder the true intent of their combat instincts.

Like other bubble kin, BubbleBug's love to 'capture' people within their bubbles, but they lack a true bubble breath like others. Instead though, they can 'expel' their Chitin bubble's to create more upon contact, for every 'bop' of their fists, feet or so forth, a bit of bubble remains upon the person struck which gradually fuses with other bubbles left upon the person's form until they are fully encased in one large mass of insect grade bubble. For those with the preference to the art of grappling, the effect is rather the same, only as their bodies rub and squeeze around the persons form their shells simply inflate quickly around the subject. This is actually a faster tactic then strike bubble encasement, but BubbleBug's love for challenges causes them to prefer to use it the least.

Their more prominent skill of bubble making from their form, is their 'rolly bounce' as they seem to dub it. Like a pillbug, the BubbleBug's simply curl down to a point and their bubbles will naturally expand then fuse to one larger bubble completely encasing the BubbleBug. This has several features, the bubblebugs use this for a means of transportation, to sleep, for surprise strikes and to capture in turn being their more faster method and saved for when they know targets are not much a challenge in a fight. They capture with this skill by gaining speed, then 'crash' into the person they wish to capture. When they collide, the bubble naturally 'moves' from the BubbleBug's body onto the target and holds them tight. Even without their crashing technique a BubbleBug can easily just 'walk out' or uncurl from their bubble shell when they wish, or even just 'pop' it back into its smaller parts.

While lacking a real bubble breath, BubbleBug's are able to inflate bubbles via kissing and blowing air into them when separate. When the bubble is still a part of their shell, they can naturally inhale deeply to send the gathered air directly to their shells. However they can not 're-inhale' the air back into their bodies so this tactic is not useful if one wishes to go for a deep swim.

BubbleBug's capture people for one of three reasons. A trophy for a tough challenge or winning a fight outright, creating a 'bubble sparing partner', this means the person trapped within the bubble is usually left to being used as a 'punching bag' for the Bubblebug. Though no injury has been reported caused by any strikes used on them thus far only injury reported in known social rings of BubbleBug's is when a poor girl bounced into sharp set of shrubs. The final reason is for mating purposes which is known to be the more 'dangerous' times with a bubblebug. While once more no real injury has been reported from the act, the mated partner's are known to be a bit 'worse for ware' then even being used as a bubble sparing partner for days. Given the BubbleBug's brawling nature its possible they simply get 'to wild' when mating.

While brawlers by nature, BubbleBug's are not antisocial or tyrants by right. They are playful and seem boundless with their energy and hate the idea of 'picking a fight with the weak and helpless'. Its do to this mindset that, surprisingly, they do not target humans as first choices in mates trophy's or challenges, they prefer larger, stronger bubble creatures like Neko's and even Bubbletails and the likes. The more skillful or strong the other bubble kin appear the more it drives even young Bubblebugs to want to take them on. In most of those cases the young bubblebugs find themselves as their bubble kin's trophy instead, usually its not till the middle or later of their teen years do they actually pose a fair fight against other bubble beings. That is not to say BubbleBug's will 'not' target humans, if a human has skills that they can see or 'feel' from their antenna, they will see them as not helpless and more then love to brawl. If a human does manage to win a fight, the bubblebug will willingly trap themselves in their shell to be their trophy if so the human wished, if only to 'play fair and square'. Also should a human actively want to be 'beaten' by a Bubblebug they are more then happy to encase them in their bubble to play with, many Grapplers adore these people the most as it gives them reason to work upon their grapple bubble technique without feeling it a cheat to the fight, as well as reason to just snuggle and curl with the subject outright.

Also whilst preferring the art of brawling, BubbleBugs are also rather skilled at crafting with their bubble chitin, most commonly creating items for brawling such as bubble boxing gear, practice dummy 'bubbles' and even footwear which many bubblebugs wear to give a bonus to their agility and motions in a fight.
As for whom this little Bug tis, her name Mona, she prefers a boxing style of combat and is a spry little thing by most comparison of BubbleBug's. She loves nothing more then to get up close and 'cross counter bubble' her sparing target. One of her favorite things to do with her trophy's is have them float about like a balloon through the day and pull them into her shell tightly to a snuggle at night. Thus far she has no interest in mating of yet, but if the right lady came about who knows.

'Bubble Kin' races and concept (c) :icongoldlinaric:
BubbleBugs (c) Myself
Bubble trouble by Stalker5999
Bubble trouble
Those who have seen of Lady and her troubles with her "bubblemaiden suit" should know I rather enjoy a bit of inflation and 'bubble play' as it twere hehe. Which has eventually lead me to a rather bubble minded Sir Gold Linaric and some of his simply delightful creations such as these the Bubble Tail Bunnies….

But unfortunately whilst taking care of a certain little sea serpent child, his magic bubbles sent the ponygirl to another land rather throwing her off for a tid in a game of hide and seek. It would not be too much of a task, if he did not seem to transport her to the homelands of Bubble Tail Bunny's, a bit worst being they seem to be upon the hunt for mates. Oh dear watch of yourself Lady! ^>^'

Bubbletail Bunnies (c) :icongoldlinaric:
Onga the mentioned Seaserpent dragon (c) :iconlittleraccoondemon:
Lady Stalker (c) Myself
Chaotic Temple Farrow by Stalker5999
Chaotic Temple Farrow
They say this strange creature came from the Dungeon of Corruption, escaped and somehow opened the way to other worlds to flee. It started as an average frog it seemed but now is some sort of rubbery enhanced stealthy being now. His kins already impressive leaping power enhanced more by his elastic body then just his size, is highly nimble, able to scale most surfaces with the ease of a renown arachnid superhero and can handle the hottest temperatures and deepest waters as if they were none existent. He also seems able to produce latex like 'arrows' that he shoots from his wrists, a fact that contributes to his name 'Frog' 'Arrow', the material evaporates rather swiftly after a moment or two from being released, but a small bit of it remains where it struck creating the strange emblem you see in the example by the arrow. The arrow seems to melt to the air for a reason, spreading chemicals to whatever body is struck, normally paralyzing them as still as stone or disabling the organic bodies control over motor functions, leaving the victim alive if helpless.

Thankfully, the Farrow frog does not seem to be in league with the Dungeon, but rather has made himself a stalking 'pet' of sorts for the world traveling adventurer William or the Temple Knight, earning it its chaotic temple title. It stays within the shadows and from above, watching dutifully over its 'master' till the need for its aid comes in outright close or long ranged combat. Outside the fact, it seems to like to play pranks upon William at times, parallelizing or crippling him with an arrow when least he suspects, only to ensure the world traveler stays put for him to cuddle with, even if a bit odd show of affection

Heheh, this is why one must be careful William, you seem to have left your little froggy in the hands of the dungeons wicked cast, fortunately he got out before he was made a vile monster, though now he truly does 'stalk' you about lol

Dungeon of corruption (c) myself and :iconmetalzaki:
Willaim's frog 'Farrow'(c) :iconchaotictempleknight:
Durlexxy Golums by Stalker5999
Durlexxy Golums
"Hello there! I'm Durlexxy Golums, but just call me Lexxy okay sweeties? I am the Durlexx Golem that Will found, or rather found him. Hehe I know, I look a little different, I've transformed into what his owl friend Stalker calls a 'pseudo familiar' that seems to happen to my kind with time and closeness to a particular person. Thank goodness for that, I didn't have a mind of my own till William started to influence me with his mental powers and without a 'master' I would have just marched around like a run away wind up toy!"

"I can't thank Will enough for helping me be a person instead of just a 'thing' more so that I seem to be getting powers too! I cant read minds or move things with a look, but all my zipper parts can split me to different sections and pieces and I can still control them for about a good half a mile away! And I can give anyone who wears me a good boost in strength, plus all the extra tough layers make blunt attacks useless thanks to my rubbery insides. I stay at Will's place keeping things neat and in order while he goes off to other worlds being a real sweety, but I'll be right there if he needs me. Lets see, um, well with my personality I love to snuggle with anyone really, inside my zipper or not, I can be a little clumsy with stairs still but since I just bounce off floors and walls its not a big deal. Oh! And I just love little reptiles too! I tried to get a pet from a world but Will wouldn't let me, he says Velociraptor get pretty big and mean from that world. Well bye bye for now sweeties!"

Ahehe, well that tis that ^>^ as stated "Lexxy" is the Golem from the dungeon of corruption that managed to slip into a realm William aka the Chaotic Temple Knight was wandering and has taken care of 'her' since. Given the short time but high amount of psionic energy hes poured into her, it would not be long till shes grown into a full Familiar connected to him.

Hope you enjoy William

Durlexx Golems and the dungeon of corruption (c) Myself slash :iconmetalzaki:
William (c) :iconchaotictempleknight:
Lexxy (c) Myself and :iconchaotictempleknight:
I know I have been away for a bit, and I am sorry for the vast amount of things I am missing from my messages and such and the gifts I am now well past do to give but I am working upon it. It is nothing horrible, but of late at the office things have been a bit more busy that its drained me so much to have my attention at the galleries, but tis alright really ^>^  hopefully I can return to a more maintained schedule, um I still have things to skim through my messages but I will get to things eventually!

But now the truely bad news, I have been tagged, twice O>O"


1. You must post these rules.
2. Answer the ten questions the person who tagged you made, and then make up your own 10 questions for the people you tag to answer.
3. Choose ten people and put their icons or hyperlinks on this journal.
4. Please don't write something stupid like 'you are tagged if you read this.'
5. You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
6. No tag-backs

My taggers, being :iconchaotictempleknight: and :icongojiro7:, humph now I am not so against my bullying of him for his birthday gift.. well then
From :iconchaotictempleknight:

1) If you like Digimon, who is your favorite Digimon?  Gryphonmon, he has always been a favorite of mine he looks rather regal of the flying types from what I recall
2) How many social media website accounts do you have? (only an amount is necessary) um, including of art websites, I would say four?
3) Who is your favorite YouTuber? Hum I do not have of particular favorites to be truthful
4) What is your favorite movie? Amazing Stories
5) What is your Favorite Anime? I am rather partial to a new series by name of Dog Days ^>^
6) If you could have a tea party with any character from any form of media (Anime, cartoons, books, video games, etc.), who would it be? Oh, bugger that tis a rather big choice o>o' um, Lady Leonmichelli Galette Des Rois ^>^ she tis such an enthralling lady it would be hard not to try and ask for some time with her hehe
7) If you could have any Anime power, what would it be? Flight, without a second thought
8) What genre of video games do you prefer? I like of role playing and puzzle games
9) What is your favorite novel? Any of Holmes stories
10) Do you like to Role Play? Yes ^>^ thought not mere 'hi' and 'I catch this' sort I prefer depth to the play

From :icongojiro7:
1) what was your favorite thing you ever dressed up as for Halloween? I would say, Robbie the robot ^>^ twas a bugger of a costume my parents and I worked upon together to move in, but it was so fun to have of something that we worked together of hehe
2) what video game creature (bad or good) would you want as a pet/friend/slave? Um, hum tricky factor. Um, perhaps a chocobo, a fellow grounded bird to rush into the sunset with ^>^ or snuggle depending their sort..
3) whats your favorite time of the year? I like the time of the fall, something of the crisp leaves and air just feels so comforting to me
4) what kind of super power would you want to have? once again, flight
5) what would you do If you could do anything in public, legal or not (that didn't harm or wrong anyone) without people judging?  Public speaking of the matters from behalf of the fetish community, so many folks of the "Vanilla" community rather think of our likes to strange and misunderstand them too much to at least have a point made out on our stand
6) who's your favorite fictional character that others may not like as much as you do? I would think Darkwing Ducks Splatter Phoenix, she was just so enthralling to me despite appearing only twice ^>^'
7) whats a personal flaw of yours that you acknowledge but don't think you need to change? Trying to not leave upon comments that make folks think I mean something by ill will or saying in cruelty
8) if there was one thing you would change about yourself, what would it be?  My birth defect, left at that thank you
9) whats your most prized possession?  Hum, my chess set I would surmise, twas a Christmas gift ages ago now
10) what song would you consider is a fitting "theme song" to your life? If I recall the name correctly "I wanna fly"

Now for my questions then:

1) If you could have of one wish granted for twenty four hours only, what would it be?

2) You are given the chance of immortality but must leave those you love for the last three years of their lives, would you take it?

3) Of you or any of your characters kinks, which would you think is perhaps the one that stands out the least?

4) If you or your characters are given the chance to be reborn in another world but retain their past lives memories what sort of world would they adapt to the best, a fantasy, science fiction, future, "punk" world such as steam or the likes?

5) Are you multi lingual or if not, what language would you like to learn?

6) Of any media you enjoy such as story, movie, game or so on. What series do you enjoy that you feel does not have as much attention as it may deserve?

7) An Alien race wishes to enslave humanity, of any possible races by little or widely known artists and mediam which would you prefer being the invaders?

8) For naughty or sexual fun, what is your preferred scene, bondage, petplay, costume or the likes?

9) If you could live in a realm of games, what game would you prefer to live within?

10) What do you think is the meaning of life?

now then, I tag then

:iconmetalzaki: :iconravendrakil: :iconscuffndings: :iconhomunculuslover: :iconlittleraccoondemon: :iconryokodarkwing: :iconticklewizard: :iconkrioss: :iconlordomegaz: :iconkoleyl:
  • Mood: Love


United States
I am generally concidered "a gentalmen" though I do have a naughty side to myself. I like to remain in good spirits and try to perk others up. I am generally a gift giver and such. I hope we can get along well if you wish to speak ^>^ feel free of such

Favourite genre of music: classical
Personal Quote: Tis ill mannered

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